• Crest Agro Products Achabo along Lokoja-Abuja Express road, Kogi State, Nigeria.

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Host Community

Job Creation

Crest already has a community of over 20 full time employees and, from time to time, employs up to 50 additional staff on part time basis. At full scale, we expect to provide direct employment for approximately 200-300 people while also indirectly employing over 1,000 additional people. In addition to this, over 3,000 jobs will be created by our network of outgrowers.

Infrastructural Development

As part of our development plans for our production complex, we plan to develop road, water, and power infrastructure that in many instances will be shared with our neighbouring communities.

Community Engagement

During our first year in operation, we made it a point to engage contractors from our surrounding communities for jobs hire men and women from our immediate communities in several roles and complete our first borehole to facilitate access to clean water for the Apata/Oworo community. We believe this is only the beginning, and we intend to scale up our level of community engagement as our operations.

Land Protection

We embarked on an EIA assessment to ascertain potential environmental impact and mitigating measures of our project on the community. This is in addition to the detailed ecology studies we carried out before identifying the land to acquire. In addition, we are working with the Government to appropriately compensate and implement a gradual relocation program for the affected local farmers and Fulani herdsmen.


Food Security

On one hand, our starch production will increase the domestic supply of a raw material that is essential to the production of several processed foods and beverages. On the other hand, our strategy of developing a captive neuclues farm and a network of outgrowers, most of which will be cultivating land situated on our property, also ensures that our business does not negatively impact the supply of cassava as food in our surrounding communities. . In addition to this, we plan to contribute to the local supply of cassava by training small scale farmers from surrounding communities on best agronomic practices to increase their yields.

Import Substitution

Nigeria has imported over $1 billion worth of cornstarch over the last 10 years alone. Our focus on local production of cassava starch will be a right step in staving up this trend towards retaining more economic value within our domestic economy, while also reducing the countries demand for foreign exchange.

National Income

We will contribute to the national income through value added cassava production that has the potential to be transformational to Nigeria's income. In addition local production of cassava starch will ensure that more of the added value stays within the Nigerian economy.

Pollution Reduction

Our factory will incorporate best in class waste management solutions that minimize environmental pollution. Approximately 3-5 years after our processing plant commences operations, we will be commissioning a bio gas plant that will make use of the waste matter from our effluent water as fuel.

Our Team

CAP is led by seasoned members of board of directors and a team of experienced senior management with deep sector expertise, and a passion for the transformative power of agriculture.

Board of Directors

Segun has 30+ years’ experience in the finance and FMCG sectors. He serves as the Chairman on the Board of Directors at Cornerstone Insurance Plc. and Bevpak Nigeria Limited. He is the Executive Vice Chairman of Alvac Company Limited.
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Mr. Yomi Jemibewon is a Non-Executive Director of CardinalStone. He is a Co-Founder and Managing Director of CardinalStone Capital Advisers, a Private Equity Fund Manager based in Lagos, and focused on growth equity investments across West Africa.
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Labi Williams is a Partner & Managing Director with Kuramo Capital Management where he manages the Lagos office and sits on the Investment Committee. Labi has built a formidable track record investing equity and debt across most sectors and served on the boards of multiple companies...
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Mr. Femi Ogunjimi is a Non-Executive Director of CardinalStone. He is a Co-Founder and Managing Director of CardinalStone Capital Advisers, a Private Equity Fund Manager based in Lagos, and focused on growth equity investments...
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Olaniyi has spent his over 25-year career in several roles in various industries, including Pharmaceuticals, Management Consulting, Telecommunications, Food Retail and Production and the Public Sector...
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Mezuo has a 20-year career in a broad spectrum of finance related roles in private equity, investment banking, and corporate finance. Over the past seven years, Mezuo has worked extensively...
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Tunde has over 20 years’ experience working with major multinational FMCG businesses in Nigeria as General manager of the 7up Bottling Company, Aba Region, Project and Plant manager at the Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company....
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Our factory operations are designed for efficiency and reliability. We offer top quality cassava starch that consistently meet stringent food safety requirements and other market demands ensuring that we become the brand of repute in our industry... Read more

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Crest Agro Products (CAP) Management team is fully committed to carrying out its business operations as a responsible corporate institution; minimising potential Environmental and Social (E&S) risk impacts while taking advantage of arising opportunities... Read more

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