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Cassava Starch

We worked closely with a leading cassava starch processor from Thailand and a leading European processing solutions provider and equipment manufacturer in establishing a state of the art starch processing plant that will be the first of its kind in the country. Our factory is on track and to commence full commercial production and trading by the third quarter of 2018. We are open to our intended customers in understanding their quality requirements and supply chain projections and incorporating these into our plans. We will be happy to meet with additional prospective customers to see how we can accommodate you into our plans.


Cassava Tubers

Crest produces high quality cassava tubers with high starch content. Our success is largely attributable to selecting high yielding cassava varieties and implementing best in class agronomic practices. We continue to improve on our experience by working closely with our technical partners on agronomy (IITA—International Institute of Tropical Agriculture) and leading commercial scale cassava farmers who are core part of our team. At full scale, we will operate a captive nucleus farm along with a network of small, medium and large scale outgrowers, both from our own property and from neighbouring communities. We will provide our outgrowers support with inputs and training to ensure compliance with our cultivation standards and requirements while also facilitating access to land, equipment and financing where applicable and feasible.



Outgrower Programme

CAP runs an outgrower scheme to complement the feedstock from the captive farm. Crest Agro runs a two-tier outgrower scheme on designated areas of our land.


This is a nucleus estate model of raw material sourcing whereby There are set of farmers cultivating cassava for Crest on Crest land.


These are set of farmers who have their own land but have an understanding with Crest Farms to exclusively cultivate cassava for CAP products. We also work with three categories of farmers/investors whether as outgrowers.


We work local farmers to improve farming practices and yield, while guaranteeing off-take of their produce by our processing plant. These farmers typically have less than 5 hectares, and benefit from our extension services and shared access to mechanization.

Mid and Large Scale

Experienced farmers can apply to lease areas of a few-hundred to a few thousand hectares on our land. We work with these farmers to develop a farming plan that aligns with our seasonal processing needs. This is an opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to run their own agricultural business with simpler access to land and mechanization. We always welcome new farmers.

We provide the following services in our outgrowers’ programme:

Cluster development

We see clusters not just as aggregation of farmers but also every other actors within the agricultural value chain- labour, transporters, Fulani herdsmen, local government officials, ADPs members, financial institutions etc. We work to develop an unbroken chain of cluster through capacity building and inter-dependence of all the actors towards a common goal.

Linkage to finance

We link our farmers to single digit interest financing to fund their farming activities and we also provide letter of offtake for farmers/cooperatives who intend to partner with us and want to access single digit interest.

Trainings / Extension officers

We offer both classroom and hands-on training for farmers and investors on agronomic practices. We believe that productivity is key in driving our raw material demand and farmers profitability; hence, we ensure that farmers are trained and regularly advised on best practices, linkage to right source of input etc.

Transparency and Trust

We build transparency and trust by using bottom-top approach in all issues that relate with the farmers and the company especially in terms of pricing. We also keep to every agreement with our farmers.

You can write to us if you are:
  • An individual farmer with a minimum of three years’ experience in cassava farming on at least 20 hectares of land in a management or supervisory capacity.
  • An entrepreneur with a minimum of three years’ experience in the management of a farm or a real sector business; or
  • A financial investor that has a team (made up of individuals with at least three years’ experience in cassava farming operations) with required technical expertise to manage the operations at the target scale.
  • A cooperative comprising of smallholder farmers and have at least 5 years experience in farming.

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