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About Us

Crest Agro products have various partners, because it believes for you to be a great company, you must leverage on the expertise of other leading companies. The partners are categorized to financial partners and technical partners.

Financial Partners

Cardinal stone Partners

Cardinal stone Capital Advisers is one of the equity financiers for Crest Agro and the brain behind the organization. Cardinal Stone Capital Advisers ('CCA') is a Private Equity Investment Adviser operating out of Lagos Nigeria. CCA seeks to invest in high potential SMEs that can be nurtured to becoming segment champions in sectors that we deem strategic to the development of the local Nigerian and regional West African economies. Their mission is to become the most sought after investment partner, for the most discerning investors and business owners in the markets where they operate. www.cardinalstonepe.com


Sahel Capital Agribusiness Managers Limited is a private equity is a private equity firm focused exclusively on Nigeria Agribusiness Sector. Fund for Agricultural Finance in Nigeria (FAFIN) is Sahel first Capital Equity fund which was launched in 2014- an innovative fund that aims to transform the agric finance landscape in Nigeria. FAFIN provides long-term, tailored finance and associated technical assistance to high growth, commercially attractive agricultural small and medium scale enterprises (SMEs) across all regions in Nigeria. FAFIN has USD $65.9 million in committed capital from its second close in June 2017. Crest Agro is a direct beneficiary of FAFIN capital equity fund. www.sahelcp.com

Sterling Bank / Central Bank of Nigeria

Central Bank of Nigeria provides CACs loan through Sterling Bank for financing Crest.


Nigerian Incentive-based risk sharing system for Agricultural lending provides financing for our smallholder farmers at single digit interest rate

IDH, the sustainable initiative

IDH convenes companies, CSOs, governments and others in public-private partnerships. IDH drives the joint design, co-funding and prototyping of new economically viable approaches to realize green & inclusive growth at scale in commodity sectors and sourcing areas. IDH partly funds CAP to drive her outgrower scheme to provide up to 40% of the cassava tubers required by CAP processing plant. The main objectives of the projects are to improve the productivity of the farmers: increase the yield by 80%, increase the starch content to as much as 50%, and to reduce the production cost per ton by 20% in 3 years; to reduce post-harvest losses to less than 10% of farm output; and to facilitate access to long term, single digit financing for smallholder farmers. This will be achieved through different activities that will be driven by the CAP implementing staff of the project for the next three years.

Technical Partners


It is one of the leading producers of Native Tapioca Starch in Thailand. CYY has 8 years experience in production of Native Tapioca Starch with a total installed capacity of 1,070 tons/day and has developed expertise in setting up a new processing plant. CYY is a major supplier of Cassava Starch to the major consumers of the products in Thailand. CYY was instrumental to our processing plant OEM selection, equipment design, operations requirement, supervision of plant installation and overseeing start-up operations.

International Starch Institute, Denmark (ISI)

ISI is one of the most efficient starch industries in the world. Crest factory was designed and installed by ISI to meet international standard.


ARUP is an international independent firm of designers, engineers, architects, planners, consultants and technical specialists working across every aspect of today's built environment with headquarters in United Kingdom. They were engaged as the contractor for building Crest Factory and also provide regular advise in the course of the project


International Institute of Tropical Agriculture provides technical expertise to our smallholder farmers and to the company farm by setting up different experimental plots and also stem multiplication plots


The Business Innovation Facility (BIF), a 5-year, UKaid (DFID) funded market systems development programme that provides support to develop and replicate business models that make markets more inclusive, resulting in greater opportunities, better access and improved growth for the poor and disadvantaged people who engage in them. FADAMA in Kogi State has a strong relationship with cassava farmers in the State due to its track record of working with them. We had developed a relationship with FADAMA through its partnership with Business Innovation Facility “BIF” and has deepened the relationship with the FADAMA team over time. We leveraged this relationship by securing introductory meetings with several cassava production clusters in Kogi State through FADAMA. The team subsequently followed up aggressively with the farmers and has worked to establish a direct relationship with the farmers.

Regulatory Partners

Federal Ministry of Agriculture / Kogi State Government

Kogi State Government through the Ministry of Lands facilitated the acquisition of 13,000 hectares of farmland for Crest Agro

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