Food security

On one hand, our starch production will increase the domestic supply of a raw material that is essential to the production of several processed foods and beverages. On the other hand, our strategy of developing a captive neuclues farm and a network of outgrowers, most of which will be cultivating land situated on our property, also ensures that our business does not negatively impact the supply of cassava as food in our surrounding communities. . In addition to this, we plan to contribute to the local supply of cassava by training small scale farmers from surrounding communities on best agronomic practices to increase their yields

Import substitution

Nigeria has imported over $1 billion worth of cornstarch over the last 10 years alone. Our focus on local production of cassava starch will be a right step in staving up this trend towards retaining more economic value within our domestic economy, while also reducing the countries demand for foreign exchange.

National Income

We will contribute to the national income through value added cassava production that has the potential to be transformational to Nigeria's income. In addition local production of cassava starch will ensure that more of the added value stays within the Nigerian economy

Pollution reduction

Our factory will incorporate best in class waste management solutions that minimize environmental pollution. Approximately 3-5 years after our processing plant commences operations, we will be commissioning a bio gas plant that will make use of the waste matter from our effluent water as fuel.