Host Community

Job creation

Crest already has a community of over 20 full time employees and, from time to time, employs up to 50 additional staff on part time basis. At full scale, we expect to provide direct employment for approximately 200-300 people while also indirectly employing over 1,000 additional people. In addition to this, over 3,000 jobs will be created by our network of outgrowers.

Infrastructure development

As part of our development plans for our production complex, we plan to develop road, water, and power infrastructure that in many instances will be shared with our neighbouring communities.

Community engagement

During our first year in operation, we made it a point to engage contractors from our surrounding communities for jobs hire men and women from our immediate communities in several roles and complete our first borehole to facilitate access to clean water for the Apata/Oworo community. We believe this is only the beginning, and we intend to scale up our level of community engagement as our operations.

Land protection

We embarked on an EIA assessment to ascertain potential environmental impact and mitigating measures of our project on the community. This is in addition to the detailed ecology studies we carried out before identifying the land to acquire. In addition, we are working with the Government to appropriately compensate and implement a gradual relocation program for the affected local farmers and Fulani herdsmen.