Processing Partner: Chokyeunyong Industries Limited Chokyeunyong is one of the leading producers of Native Tapioca Starch in Thailand. CYY has 8 years experience in production of Native Tapioca Starch with a total installed capacity of 1,070 tons/day and has developed expertise in setting up a new processing plant. CYY is a major supplier of Cassava Starch to the major consumers of the products in Thailand.
CYY is advising on processing plant OEM selection, equipment design, operations requirement, supervision of plant installation and overseeing start-up operations
Research Institute IITA IITA is a leading agricultural research institution focused on enhancing crop quality and productivity, thereby generating wealth from agriculture. It provides research, training and technical services to support the production of specific crops. IITA is the leading regional institution on matters related to Cassava. IITA provided technical & operations guidance on the pilot phase of cassava plantation. In additional IITA will assist to develop and implement the out-grower scheme
Government (FMARD & KSG) FMARD is the federal government ministry responsible for developing strategic partnerships to stimulate investments in Nigeria's agricultural sector. FMARD through Agricultural Transformation Agenda established the Staple Crop Processing Zones to provide access to infrastructure, finance and policies in order to attract private investors to the value chain
Kogi State Government "KSG": KSG is the administrative head of Kogi State which is located in the central region of Nigeria. KSG facilitated access to the farmland and assisted seeking support and alignment from the local communities
Sterling Bank